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Are dull teeth keeping you from smiling? Getting your teeth whitened may be the solution for you. It is safe, effective and can fix yellow teeth when done by a dental professional. Skip over-the-counter whitening products and schedule this cosmetic dentistry appointment with our team in Oakboro, NC.

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How long does teeth whitening take?

The process can take about an hour or more to complete in our dental office. This time will also depend on the amount of whitening desired and the severity of discoloration. If a dentist visit that long doesn’t sound appealing to you, but you still want to fix yellow teeth, we offer take-home whitening kits! Our professional-grade Opalescence Teeth Whitening gel comes with a custom tray that keeps the gel closer to your teeth and provides a more comfortable experience from home.

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Is teeth whitening safe?

Despite the myths, it is safe when you stick to professional whitening methods. When not opting for this route, the cost can add up when trying different over-the-counter products. When you visit a dental professional, the cost will only be based on what you desire and can provide you with great results and a safe process.

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Will getting my teeth whitened make my teeth sensitive?

Most people who whiten their teeth don’t experience any side effects like sensitivity. Sensitive teeth are more likely to be experienced when a patient has poor gum health, gum disease, or cracked teeth. However, those that experience tooth sensitivity without these conditions after teeth whitening should be assured that it is short-term and goes away with time.

If you are considering getting your teeth whitened, Oakboro Family Dentistry is happy to offer this cosmetic dentistry service. To learn more about the price or to set up your visit with our office, visit our patient resources page or contact our office today!

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