Are Digital X-Rays Safe?

October 26, 2020 Published by Young woman in a dental chair preparing to get a digital X-ray.

X-rays are a common diagnostic tool utilized in dentistry and other medical fields. Thanks to many advancements in modern medicine, digital X-rays are now one of the most utilized forms of digital radiography.

How Digital X-Rays Work in Dentistry

Oakboro Family Dentistry’s team uses the latest imaging technology. A sensor is placed inside your mouth to capture images of your jawbone and other parts. Digital X-rays produce computer-generated images instead of film. After the images are captured, they are immediately ready for viewing on our computer.

Digital X-Rays vs. Traditional X-Rays

Compared to traditional X-Rays, digital X-rays emit 80% less radiation. They also produce faster, almost-instant imaging. Digital X-rays create extremely detailed, intricate images for healthcare professionals to get a closer look at what’s going on beneath the surface.

Are Digital X-Rays Safe?

Absolutely! Digital X-rays produce minimal radiation and shouldn’t cause any health issues. Dentists use many safety precautions when providing digital X-rays to ensure the safety and health of patients. For example, patients are required to wear a lead coat while the X-rays are being taken. If you have any questions or concerns about digital X-rays, please feel free to talk to our office.

What Are Digital X-Rays Used for in Dentistry?

Digital X-rays are used to diagnose, screen, and treat patients. Digital X-rays allow us to get a closer look at what’s happening inside the mouth and jaw that can’t be seen with the naked eye. X-rays have provided many advancements for modern dentistry and improved treatment and diagnostic accuracy. X-rays can be used to:

  • Assess the tooth’s roots
  • Check tooth development
  • Discover tooth decay
  • Identify areas of infection
  • View the jawbone

Helping You Maintain Optimal Dental Health!

Digital X-rays are a safe, highly effective technology for helping patients achieve and maintain optimal dental and physical health. Are you overdue for your biannual dental checkup and X-rays? Please contact Oakboro Family Dentistry to book your next appointment!

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