Cosmetic Treatments for a Chipped Tooth

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At Oakboro Family Dentistry, we offer preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental services for the whole family. No matter your dental history or your goals for your smile, we’ll be able to help you get the results you’re looking for. If you have a broken tooth that is causing you to hide your smile, come see us! A chipped tooth is one of the most common issues we address at our practice. Even though your tooth’s enamel is the hardest surface in your body, a variety of different things can cause you to chip your tooth, to playing sports to chewing food or ice to trying to open packaging with your teeth.

What Should I Do If I Chip a Tooth?

As soon as you chip your tooth, stay calm and call our office. Our team will determine the best course of action to fix your issue. Dr. Bobo will come up with an individualized treatment plan that restores both function and appearance to your tooth. If you’re unable to get to our office for a few days and experience dental pain, you can care for yourself by taking over-the-counter pain medicine to be more comfortable.

What Are My Treatment Options?

The treatment we use will depend on the severity of your chipped tooth and a few other factors. Sometimes the chipped area may only need to be polished and smoothed. However, if your chip is too large for polishing, we have other natural-looking options to restore your smile.


In some cases, Dr. Bobo may choose to treat your issue with porcelain veneers, which are thin shells of porcelain placed on the front side of your tooth. These veneers are designed to match your natural teeth and will restore your smile the way you want.


Other times, Dr. Bobo may use a technique called chipped tooth bonding to treat your tooth. In this case, we will fill the cracks with a tooth-colored resin, making your tooth appear whole again. Once this procedure is complete, your tooth will match your other non-chipped teeth. While bonding is a great option for many, it is not as long-lasting as veneers.

Contact Us ASAP!

If you have chipped your tooth, get in touch with our office as soon as possible. This will allow us to treat the problem before it gets any worse. Small chips may be simply a cosmetic issue and not cause you any pain, but larger tooth breaks and fractures can cause extreme discomfort and further complications if your tooth’s nerve is damaged or exposed.

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