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Navigating Dental Emergencies: Your Questions Answered

May 14, 2024 Published by

Dental emergencies can pop up unexpectedly and often bring a lot of stress and questions. At Oakboro Family Dentistry in Oakboro, NC, Dr. Charles T. Bobo and our team know that the right knowledge can make all the difference in handling these situations confidently. Let’s clear up some of the most common questions about dental emergencies with a touch of our signature friendly advice.

    What Should I Do if I Knock Out a Tooth?

    Quick action is key here! If your tooth takes a detour from your mouth, handle it gently by the crown (the part you chew with), rinse it quickly under water, and try to reinsert it into its original spot. If that doesn’t work out, keep it moist in a glass of milk or hold it inside your cheek—saliva works wonders. Contact us immediately or head to our office right away.

    How Do I Handle a Broken Crown or Filling?

    Keep calm and collect any pieces if possible. Avoid using that part of your mouth for eating or drinking, as it could lead to more damage or discomfort. Applying dental wax can also prevent irritation. Contact us as soon as you can, so we can fix you up and prevent any further issues.

    Is a Toothache Considered an Emergency?

    Absolutely, if it’s bad enough. A severe toothache can be your mouth’s S.O.S. signal, often hinting at deeper issues like infection or abscess. So if your toothache feels more like a tooth-quake, it’s time to reach out. And if you see swelling or fever, don’t wait around—these are red flags that need immediate attention.

    Is a Chipped or Cracked Tooth an Emergency?

    This depends on the extent of the damage. A small chip might not be urgent, but a large crack or one that causes pain or has sharp edges definitely is. Don’t ignore it, as it could worsen or lead to infection.

    How Do I Know if I Should Go to the Dentist or the Emergency Room?

    For most tooth-related emergencies, your dentist is the best call. However, if you experience severe trauma, such as significant facial swelling, deep cuts, or jaw injuries, head to the emergency room first.

Oakboro Family Dentistry: Here for Your Dental Emergencies

Life throws curveballs, and sometimes they hit us right in the mouth. That’s why Dr. Charles T. Bobo and our dedicated team at Oakboro Family Dentistry are here to catch those pitches and get you back in the game. If you’re dealing with a dental emergency in Oakboro, NC, reach out right away. We’re ready to restore your smile and make sure you’re ready for whatever comes next—ideally, with all teeth intact!

We’re here not just to treat emergencies but to prevent them. For any concerns or to schedule a cleaning and exam, contact Oakboro Family Dentistry. Let us take care of your dental health with expertise and warmth!

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