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How Bad Is Sugar for the Teeth?

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From the time we are little we’re told not to eat too much candy because the sugar will be bad for our teeth. Even when we’re adults, our dentists and dental hygienists over the years may tell us to watch our sugar consumption to avoid cavities. But just how bad is sugar for our teeth?

What Happens in Our Mouth with Sugar

It’s not as simple as saying that when sugar touches our teeth it already starts to cause damage. There’s actually a whole chain of reactions going on. There are certain types of bacteria in our mouth that feed on sugar. Once they consume the sugar, they produce a certain type of acid. This acid, in turn, eats away at our tooth enamel, leaving us with cavities, which are literally little holes in our teeth.

Other Health Complications

Aside from cavities, sugar can also lead to gum disease. Just like how cavities can worsen and reach deeper into your teeth, gum disease can also progress from the mild form of gingivitis to the more serious form of periodontitis. On top of that, high levels of sugar consumption have been connected to a whole slew of other health problems like diabetes and obesity.

Managing Sugar Consumption

We don’t have to see sugar as some evil thing that we need to completely eliminate from our diet. We all love a sweet treat now and then, and even healthy foods like fruit have natural sugars in them! What we should do is be mindful of what kind of sugars we’re consuming and also make nutritious swaps whenever possible. Consider drinking water instead of soda or juice, choosing sugar-free gum and mints, and limiting the quantity of sweet snacks we munch on throughout the day. Nuts and veggie sticks are nice substitutes when we feel the need for a snack!

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