Pediatric Dentist vs. Family Dentist

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When looking for a dentist for your family, you may come across the terms pediatric dentist and family dentist. Here, we’ll explain how these are different.

Pediatric Dentist

What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

Also known as pedodontists, pediatric dentists are dentists who specialize in treating and caring for children and young people (ranging from babies, young kids, and adolescents). According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a dentist must complete additional education and training that can take anywhere from two to three years to become certified in pediatric dentistry.

Chain of pictures featuring children from very little to adolescence because pediatric dentists treat only children

Who Is a Pediatric Dentist Best for?

Pediatric dentists are best at treating children with more complex dental conditions. If your child has a unique oral history, they may benefit from a pediatric dentist who has had extensive experience treating children. Family dentists will often refer their young patients to a pediatric dentist if they are suffering from an uncommon dental issue.

Family Dentist

What Is a Family Dentist?

Family dentists are qualified to treat patients of any age so they are able to see every member of your family, from the youngest to the oldest. Family dentists often provide a vast number of services, from preventive dentistry (such as teeth cleanings) to restorative dentistry (such as fillings and dental implants) to cosmetic dentistry (such as teeth whitening). In short, a family dentist is for everyone!

Chain of images showing that a family dentist cares for babies, young children, young adults, middle age, and elderly

Who Is a Family Dentist Best for?

Family dentists are best for when the whole family wants to go to the same dentist. Family dentists are qualified to give your child tooth-colored sealants and give you porcelain veneers or a routine cleaning. They focus on preventive treatments for your entire household. Building a lasting, personal relationship with the whole family is something that is unique to family dentists. Like pediatric dental offices, family dental practices are child-friendly and often have playrooms or dental chairs specifically designed for children.

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