What Should I Do If I Crack a Tooth?

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Cracked teeth aren’t fun. Teeth can crack when you bite on something hard – like a piece of ice or hard candy, but they can also break if you’re struck in the face. Cracked teeth can cause a lot of pain, but if the cracks are very small, you might not notice for a while. What should you do if you crack a tooth?

How Do I Know if I Have a Cracked Tooth?

Sometimes, it’s obvious when you’ve cracked a tooth. You might even find pieces of the tooth, which you should hold on to. If you aren’t sure if you’ve damaged a tooth, look for symptoms like increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, pain when you chew in that area, or inflamed gums.

What Should I Do if I Crack My Tooth?

First, be glad that you live in modern times when you can see a dentist for relief instead of a blacksmith! Chipped or cracked teeth are considered dental emergencies, but they may not be so serious that you need to drop everything and run to our office. As soon as you suspect you’ve cracked a tooth, please give us a call and describe your symptoms. We’ll determine when you should come in for an appointment. In the meantime, be gentle with your teeth and avoid chewing on hard foods. Even tiny cracks weaken the tooth, so it’s possible to make the crack worse if you aren’t careful.

How Oakboro Family Dentistry Treats Cracked Teeth

The best treatment depends on how bad the crack is. Dr. Bobo and Dr. Riley usually use fillings or dental crowns to strengthen a tooth and protect it from bacteria. If the crack has led to more serious problems, a treatment like a root canal may be necessary. To avoid cracks, be careful when you chew hard foods like nuts. Wear a protective mouth guard while you play sports or if you grind your teeth at night. For strong and healthy teeth, maintain good oral hygiene and come to our Oakboro office twice a year. If you have any questions about cracked teeth or the services we offer, please contact us today!

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