Common Tonsil Stone Symptoms

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Tonsil stones are rarely serious, but can be a real pain in the neck! In this post, you’ll learn about tonsil stones, including symptoms that may signify that you have them. Our friendly team at Oakboro Family Dentistry is here to help will all kinds of oral health issues.

What Are Tonsil Stones?

If you still have your tonsils, you may find yourself afflicted with tonsil stones at some point in your life. Also known as tonsilloliths, tonsil stones are hard formations that develop on the tonsils. They may range in size, often bringing unpleasant tonsil stone symptoms the larger they grow.

Tonsil Stone Symptoms

Sometimes, tonsil stones are virtually undetectable, and you may not even realize that you have them. Other times, they are so obvious that they can be identified by checking out your throat in the mirror. Additionally, other tonsil stone symptoms may be apparent:

  • Foul breath
  • Sore or scratchy throat
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Ear pain
  • Cough
  • Swelling

Preventing Tonsil Stones

People who get tonsil stones can find that they are a recurring issue. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to prevent them from forming. Often times, they are a result of poor oral hygiene. Be sure to practice great oral hygiene—that includes keeping your tongue clean, too! Simply brush your tongue with your brush when you’re taking care of your teeth, or purchase a tongue scraper for a deeper clean. Other important steps you can take to reduce their occurrence are to stay hydrated, consume a healthy diet, and quit smoking.

Help with Tonsil Stones and More at Our Office

Experiencing tonsil stone symptoms? We’re here to help. Set up an appointment with us here at Oakboro Family Dentistry and we will take care of your tonsil stones and help you to ensure that they won’t be back. Ready to book a visit? Call our Oakboro, North Carolina office, or visit our website to request an appointment.

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